Remember that time when you took that girl out and you had a great time? Awesome conversation, she laughed at all of your jokes, hell she GOT all of your jokes- even the stupid ones most girls smirk at and call you “funny” but you know they thought it was dumb. You get home super excited, text her in a few days and then get no answer. You decided that maybe she didn’t get the message and try one more time only to receive a monosyllabic reply hours later and then… crickets. What the hell happened?!

I’m here to answer all of your most pressing girl related answers. Anything you’ve always wanted to know and had no one to ask, or got answers from your sister and knew she wasn’t telling you the entire truth.

I won’t sugar coat anything. I just won’t. I will tell it like it is, in plain English and sometimes it’ll sound harsh, but it’ll always be honest. That’s just how I do things!

All of my responses are based on life experience and what my girl friends (friends that are girls! Get your minds out of the gutter!) tell me. I’m no psychologist or therapist or any professional. I majored in chemistry in college, I’m just a girl seeing all my buddies and their issues with girls and dating and relationships and wanting to help all you guys out!

So start asking!!!!!


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